A: Nice and dark mahogany with deep ruby red colors shining through wen put up against a light source. Light tan head quickly dissipated to a thin film of tiny bubbles and slight lacing around the rim.

S: A little bit of dark fruit, light acid and slight ashyness from de-bittered dark malt. Also, I get a slight acrid aroma to it from some sort of acidity and clashing of aromas.

T: Nice earthiness, light dark fruits, slightly tart and dry. Nice farmhouse yeast character with a quite pleasant dark malt ashyness. Usually this doesn’t work well but I’m actually enjoying these flavors.

F: The beer is nice and dry. Carbonation makes for a great mouth feel that also helps break the acridness from the black malt and makes it interesting and enjoyable. There’s also a slight tartness along with a light and gentle tartness from it being so dry. Also getting a mineral bitterness that lingers long after taking a sip. Not a bad thing just not common. Its very baking soda like… An interesting beer.

O: I’m enjoying this beer and definitely on the edge of being too harsh/acrid. Any more black malt bitterness or acidity and this beer would be offensive. However, it is on the friendly side and I’m genuinely enjoying this brew. I would recommend and or buy again to share with other people if easily available in CA. Now I’m curious about their other brews

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