deja vu
St. Somewhere’s collaborative effort with Cigar City yields a hazy golden color with sparkling effervescence upon the pour but the acid proves too much to retain carbonation or to build any meaningful froth. Saliva induction occurs at the very first whiff as the sheer scent of apple cider vinegar tinlge the nose and tighten the jaws. Its salty and sour taste crumples the face and becomes intimidating immediately.

With the most faint of wafer-thin sweetness, the ale becomes an onslaught of sourness right from the get-go. Tangy under-ripened berries, lemon, lime, crabapple and vinegar pronounce for those daring enough to allow the beer to sit on the middle to explore. Heavy sea brine, weathered oak and burlap captivate the senses in a retro-olfactory kind of way.

The dry, spicy and oh-so sour flavor builds even more in finish where the acidic taste is enamel-stripping, thirst quenching, and refreshed even though its sourness is enough to bring this grown man to his knees. Alcohol and carbonation give the beer even more vivid brightness, as if the acids needed it at all

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